Sinead O’Connor: “Prince attacked me and other women”

Was Prince really so mean? Sinead O’Connor has accused the musician, deceased in 2016,  of attempting to “beat her up” and leaving a female member of his band with broken ribs.

Prince tried to beat me up,” she told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain. “It was a very frightening experience. He summoned me to his house one night and I foolishly went alone. He was uncomfortable with the fact I wasn’t a protégé of his and that I’d just recorded the song.”

She continued: “He was wanting me to be a protégé of his and ordered that I don’t swear in my interviews. I told him where he could go and he went for me. He went upstairs and got a pillow and he had something hard in the pillow. I ran out of his house, hiding behind a tree.

“We met on the highway in Malibu at five in the morning – I’m spitting at him, he’s trying to punch me. I had to go ring someone’s doorbell, which my father always told me to do if I was in a situation like that.”

Nothing Compares 2 U” is a song written and composed by Prince. It was made famous by  Sinead O’Connor, whose version became a worldwide hit in 1990. 

O’Connor said the singer was “into some pretty dark drugs at the time” and added: “I’m not the only one he went at.

“One of the girls in his band was in the hospital with broken ribs at the time.”

She also claimed there were other women who were attacked by the singer and said they should come forward to share their stories.

Last week, O’Connor apologised for saying she “never wants to spend time with white people again” following her conversion to Islam.

Prince’s estate has not replied yet to O’Connor’s accusations.